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Organic Fruits – Pure And Natural Food.

Organic fruitsOrganic fruits are grown without using artificial substances like fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics, hormones or additives. Growing conditions and certifying fruit as organic, vary from place to place and is different from those for conventionally grown fruits. In the US they must be largely free of any GM organism.

Traditionally they have been cultivated by small family run farms. Evidently these farms are more sustainable and eco-friendly. Advocates of organic fruit cite some reasons for going organic. These are:

  1. Organic fruits don’t have harmful chemicals

  2. Fresh organic fruits have 50% more vitamins, minerals, enzymes and micro nutrients than conventional fruits

  3. They don’t contain genetically modified organisms

  4. Organic fruits, though not as attractive as conventional fruits, are tastier and juicier and come in many flavors

  5. Growing fruit trees supports eco-friendliness and diversity in flora and fauna

Many dispute these claims and the matter is as yet unsettled. However, production and availability of organic fruit has rapidly increased. Sales of organic food, which could be indicative of fruits, have grown at around 17% for the past few years compared to conventional food, which, though bigger, grew at 2% to 3%. With many companies entering the sector, this trend is expected to continue.

Growing Organic Fruit Trees

Derived benefits of consuming organic fruits are those you get from growing fruit trees. Besides providing beautiful blossoms during spring, fruit trees enrich the surrounding soil. To get these benefits you need not grow orchards. A fruit tree can be grown even on a small plot. Depending on the space you have, you can plant a dwarf, semi-dwarf or standard trees.

Organic trees will take many years to bear fruit but once they start bearing fruits, they will do so for a long time. Some trees bear fruit for a hundred years. The fruits from these trees will be pure and fresh, free from any poisonous chemicals.

Some of the commonly preferred trees are apple, apricot and citrus trees. Apple tree is the choice of many in US. They come in many varieties and can be grown under different climes. They are easy to maintain, attractive and bear fruits for many months.

Pests pose many problems in growing these trees among which the Tent caterpillar is the most common. The visible ‘tents’ can be easily removed by a broom or soapy water. If there are many, use a sulfur spray.

Such problems should not discourage you. You will find many specialists and nurseries available for consultation.