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With Looks So Real, You Will Long To Eat Artificial Fruits!


Artificial FruitsHave you ever wondered how the actors huddled round the dining table in each and every tele-series and even films could go on talking instead of helping themselves with the delicious-looking fruits dished up in front of them! Friends, they could resist the temptation only because they knew that they had been served with artificial fruits. 

Are you astonished? May be you are not because it is quite sometime now that making artificial fruits and vegetables or for that matter any other food-item has been accorded the status of an art. Actually, the fineness of execution gives such convincing natural look to each handcrafted fruit that it can no longer be termed a country craft.

What Are Artificial Fruits Made Of?

Terracotta was perhaps the first material chosen for making faux fruits and vegetables. Thereafter, artisans have used different materials such as plastic, plaster of Paris, PVC, wax, etc. for creating realistic looking non-natural fruits and vegetables.

The best bet so far has been high-density or compressed foam. Fruits, vegetables and other food items made of compressed foam look so convincing that your hands will readily reach out to get hold of one even before you are aware. Each airbrushed grape-bunch, nectarine or strawberry looks so juicy and succulent that even the bees and insects would be duped into gathering-round the basket if you just sprinkle some real whiff of the fruit.

Apart from simulating looks to the closest, foam is an unparalleled material in many respects; it is affordable, easy to clean, lightweight and certainly long-lasting.

What Purpose Do Artificial Fruits Serve?

Handcrafted fruits serve as great display things. People have been long using them to adorn their abodes and gardens. Outdoor use of faux fruits and vegetables in hotels and restaurants too are common. Artificial fruit baskets, vegetable trays, wreaths and creepers have long been used as backdrop or props for commercial photo shoots as well as on major motion picture sets.

Of late, artificial fruits and vegetables are becoming great decorative items for theme-based parties. A nice birthday-bash for your wine-crazy Uncle in a vineyard and a joyous celebration for your little fairy in an artificially arranged apple orchard will be a great idea!