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The Past and Present of Agricultural Machinery.

Agricultural MachineryFire, wheel, language and agricultural machinery are the milestones of human development. It has been man’s quest to ease the labor of life that has been at the root of several innovations. And this holds true for agricultural machinery as well.

There was once a time when farming was carried on with bare hands, with a stick or a stone thrown in once in a while. Sounds a daunting prospect? Incredulous, to say the least! No wonder man, resourceful as he is, developed knives, scythes and wooden ploughs to ease his job. These were the tools of the trade for thousands of years to come.

The Industrial Revolution brought in radical changes in the way agriculture was practiced. And agricultural machinery took a new form altogether. There were machines to do the harvesting and threshing. These machines were originally powered by the efforts of horses and other domestic animals, till steam power came along.

The coming of the steam-propelled, and later on gasoline and diesel, agricultural machinery, like the tractor and the combined harvester and thresher, brought in prosperity in agriculture.

The advances in agricultural machinery continue with the “Information Age” tools. These days there are machines that come fitted with computer monitoring systems, GPS locators and self-guiding programs that enable the device to be more precise, sparing and accurate with the use of seed, fertilizer and fuel.

The new-age applications of genetic engineering and nanotechnology with their emphasis on sub-microscopic devices and biological procedures impart the agricultural apparatus with unusual powers.

Farm machinery comes in various shapes and sizes and is designed to perform the entire range of farm activities. The tractor is the most popular kind, tillage and irrigation machinery following closely behind. You also have the seeder that is used to distribute seeds uniformly in long rows and also helicopters for aerial spraying of pesticides.

The advantages of mechanization are manifold. And nobody knows it better than man himself, who once practiced agriculture with his bare hands. Apart from being great laborsaving devices, agricultural machines are also the best alternative to compensate deficit of farm labors, especially in times of harvest and in places where manual labor is scarce.

Another prime reason for using the agricultural devices is of course the enhanced productivity levels that their usage brings about. Farm equipment is especially helpful when you want to reap the benefits of large-scale production. There are humanitarian concerns at work as well behind using farm machinery – to save the farm labor from the drudgery of dreadful jobs.

Agricultural machinery has improved by leaps and bounds to provide food by the load for an ever-growing hungry world population.